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Young Prince Charming


That innocent look on that child’s face is enough to melt one’s heart! This is how he posed for the picture.


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On Being Slender

‘OMG! She is so thin!  Does she even eat food?  She must be dieting!’

These are a few of the many comments, which unfortunately, thin girls get a daily dose of.

Sadly what these people do not realize is that being thin or fat is not in one’s hand; it is a characteristic determined through hereditary. Daily criticism and comments on their body affects the individual’s health, both mentally and physically. They feel the need to change their appearance so that they might be accepted in their social group and then they embark on a journey to gain weight.  With the help of ‘weight-gain’ products which are glamorized in advertisements, young girls try their best to gain the right amount of weight.  Below are the experiences of two girls who have a skinny appearance and what are the comments they receive on their appearance.


Reema Fernandes (right)

Reema Fernandes is a resident of Siolim, Goa and is a student of St. Xavier’s College. She is fun loving, straightforward and a really strong person. Although her relatives criticize her for being thin, she takes this as a compliment. She says being thin is much better than being overweight! Undeniably her motivation is her curvy friends.

Prerna Palekar (left)

Prerna Palekar is another girl who faces criticism due to her thin frame. “I’m happy the way I am, because know I’m healthy and active and can hog a lot and have no worry of dieting or workout”, expresses Prerna.  Like others even she is criticized, her relatives judge her on her appearance every time they gather for any family functions, “I’m always compared to my cousins and the comments passed are monotonous”.

Her family gets disheartened when their neighbors and relative pass comments on her, but they acknowledge that gaining weight is not her thing,  so they support her through the myriad of negative comments . Her friends also criticize her humorously. She doesn’t take this criticism to her heart as long as her family and her best friends support her.

No matter how a person looks, he/she must be accepted the way they are in the society. But still they are criticized and insulted for not being physically attractive which leads them into depression and embarrassment. We should understand that criticism leaves a scar that takes a lot of time to heal. One must learn the art of positively criticizing. Or as they say, if you have nothing good to say, its better you say nothing at all.

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Innocent Delight


A child dressed up as Krishna is ready with a stick to break a Pot full of Dahi (yogurt). Despite the fact that he has no knowledge of the celebration and he is doing whatever he is asked to do, but the smile on the child’s face displays how happy and excited he is to break the pot.

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The Tale of the Vagabond

The lady at her usual spot.

The lady at her usual spot.

Beggars are a common sight these days; you will be wondering why do we see such a scene, isn’t it? Films like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ give an insight into the back story of many of these beggars; some are forced into being beggars because of many vices, while some are victims of tough circumstances.
Among these many beggars that roam the streets, my eyes caught the attention of a frail lady sitting on the footpath of the Mapusa bus stand. I had been noticing this lady for the past one year begging, sleeping, resting and even chit- chatting on the Mapusa footpath, which is always full of cow dung. Whenever I saw her, the questions that came to my mind are:
Who is she? Why is she there? What got her there? Doesn’t she have any family? Who looks after her?
Curiosity got the better of me and one fine day I striked up a conversation with her while I was heading home.  Honestly, I was very intimidated to talk to her at first, since she always kept a bamboo stick besides her. But after talking to her I realized that it was merely a support for her to walk. This is a perfect example of ‘do not judge a book by its cover’.

She is from a tiny village in Maharashtra, and used to work as a daily wage laborer in a place bordering Goa. She lived in a rented room and was self sufficient. But, one fine day she met with an accident in which a truck damaged her left leg. She was admitted in the hospital and was helpless after her leg was left limp.

After she was discharged from the hospital, her helpless circumstances forced her to beg for alms. She went around begging for food, clothes and money in Anjuna first, and then started living on Mapusa Bus stand footpath. She has the basic necessities with her, one of which is an umbrella that shields her from rain and harsh sunlight. She accepts the food that anyone gives her and also survives on the alms provided to her.

I once perceived this woman to be loud and scary, but after talking to her I found a tale of helplessness behind her way of living. It makes us think of how sometimes we perceive an individual in a certain way but don’t really make the effort of knowing their story. Maybe the person who recklessly overtook your car was rushing to the hospital, maybe the beggar along the roadside has not chosen this way of life, but was helpless and had no other choice. All we need in the basic value of humanity to live in this world.

(An old-age home has been contacted to take this lady under their care)

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Sonder Musings- Genesis

Welcome, I will like to start with the introduction of the blog. The meaning of sondermusing is:

“A period of deep thought or realization that everyone and everything around you has a life of their own, their feelings, their thoughts, emotions”

This blog will basically include the posts and pictures about my deep sonder musing.